Author Platform 101 2.0

Learn how to build an author platform that reliably and predictably sells your books.

I want to tell you something about author platforms and marketing. Check out this video.


You’ve done it.

That thing that everyone else says they want to do and that someday they’re going to do…

You actually pulled it off.

You have written a book!

First of all, kudos. It’s an amazing feat to take something from your head and get it out on paper.

It’s even a more amazing feat to get enough out to turn it into a full book.

But of course, you now have a new problem.

How are you going to get people to buy this book?

You may realize… you have two choices.


Put the book — this thing you’ve worked on for years — on Amazon with a million other books, sell a few copies to your friends and family, and then watch it languish.



You have to learn a whole new set of skills called MARKETING! (queue scary, horror movie music)

Or maybe you’ve already put the book out on Amazon and watched your ranking drop and drop and drop and feel completely helpless with what to do.

Maybe you’ve seen the industry stats.

Things like:

  1. Most books sell just 250 copies in their first year, and
  2. The vast majority of books sell less than 1000 copies in the entire life of the book.

(These numbers are from both self-publishing and traditional publishing)

And you start thinking, “do I even know 1000 people that would buy my book?”

Here’s the truth…

You’ve dreamed of being a writer.

When you got up at 5am before everyone else was up or skipped lunch or stayed up late hunched over your laptop pecking away at the keyboard… you were dreaming of what it would be like to put your book out in the world and have people read and experience it.

You absolutely WERE NOT dreaming of being an amazing book marketer.

And I get it.

The whole marketing thing is this giant job you have to do but don’t really want to do.

Sure, you love the idea of having fans and getting emails from them. You dream of showing up at a writers conference and having a line of people who want you to sign their books. You want to come out with books that immediately find an audience and sell.

But the idea of marketing suuuuuucks.

And even though I, personally, love book marketing… I get it.

It feels like this chore you have to do on top of writing your next book and working your day job and taking care of your family and, and, and…

And even when you set out to do it, it is completely overwhelming!

Quick, go Google “book marketing” and you’ll find these as the top two non-ad listings:


119 things to market my book? Even 50 things is outrageous.

Because you know the truth…

Most of those are a complete waste of time.

But you don’t know which ones.

You start running into so many questions about websites and blogs and podcasts and Twitter and Facebook (Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Advertising) and Amazon Ads and guest posts, and, and, and.

So here you are…

  1. Book marketing is the part of being an author that you have to do but don’t want to do.
  2. You already have too little time to devote to your writing
  3. Even if you did try book marketing, there’s just too much to do and it’s too confusing and you have no idea where to put your time and effort.

This is exactly how Mike felt.

He had been working for years on his middle grade series called The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls.

After finally getting them ready, he went on the hunt for an agent and was able to sign one. Then, about a year later, he finally got signed on with a publisher.

This was amazing! He’d done both the things he didn’t think were possible!

But now he had a new problem.

You see, the publisher had only agreed to publish the first two books in the series. Mike had nine books in the series though.

Before the publisher would agree to publish more than the first two, they wanted to see how the sales would go.

And Mike didn’t have much of a platform.

He had put together a website and setup an email list, but barely any people knew either of them existed.

Plus, this wasn’t Mike’s main gig. His book advance was no where near enough to live on, so he still had to work his fulltime job and be a husband and dad to his two kids.

Mike had to figure out how he was going to take his first two books and get them out into the world. He need them to sell really good so the publisher would be willing to publish the other books in the series. Plus, he had to do all of this while maintaining his other responsibilities. Plus his books were coming out in four short months so there wasn’t a lot of time.

This is when Mike reached out to me.

We got together and I walked him through the basics of book marketing. I talked to him about outreach, content, and permission. I taught him how an author platform works and how to connect with influencers.

Then Mike got started.

His books came out a few months later, and there wasn’t some huge launch. He didn’t hit any of the major bestseller lists.

But the books started selling.

He kept working my author platform system and putting the marketing ideas I gave him into practice.

A couple months after his books came out, I reached out to Mike to ask him how his sales were.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“You don’t know?” I replied. “Why don’t you ask the publisher?”

“I’m scared to ask,” he said. “But the Amazon ranking is doing ok so I guess people are buying them.”

“Ok,” I laughed, “keep going!”

A few months later I saw Mike again.

“How are sales?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied.

“You still haven’t asked your publisher?” I asked.

“No, but they must be doing ok because they want me to start working on the third book in the series.”

“That’s great!” I said. “Keep going!”

A few more months go by. By this point the first two books have been out about eight months.

I reached out to Mike again. Surely, I thought, by this point Mike has asked about his sales.

“I still don’t know,” he said. “But they must have sold pretty well because they’re having to do a second printing of ten thousand copies.”

“That’s great,” I said. “Congratulations!”

“Plus, they’ve decided to go ahead and just move forward with the plan of publishing all nine of the books!”

You just need to do a handful of things well over a long period of time

Through all of this, I’ve learned what it really takes to build a successful author platform.

And here’s what I’ve seen over and over…

The authors that are winning ARE NOT doing a dozen different things and hoping it works.

They, instead, focus on doing just a handful of things well over a long period of time.

It’s not about doing a frenzy of things when your book is about to come out. What works is focusing on the long game of connecting with your audience and doing a little bit of marketing every week.

As I have worked with authors, they’ve been surprised at how little they have to do in order to be successful with marketing.

As people work through my system, they are surprised at how easy it becomes and how it fits into their lives.

I believe that true marketing is simply connecting with other people — authors, influencers, and readers — that love the same things you love. And once you have a simple, step-by-step way to do this, everything starts working.

The goal I have with every author is to give them a simple way to connect with their audience and sell books without it being another huge job.

Get your marketing done so you can get back to your writing.

THIS is why I love helping authors.

My name is Tim Grahl and I’ve been working with authors for over 10 years helping them build their platforms, connect with readers, and sell more books.

I’ve worked 1-on-1 with hundreds of authors across all genres, fiction and non-fiction, coaching them and helping them with their marketing. I’ve also launched dozens of books to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists and trained thousands of authors through my online programs.

Authors I’ve worked with include fiction writers such as Hugh Howey and Michael Bunker and non-fiction authors such as Daniel Pink, Sally Hogshead, Chip and Dan Heath, Dan Ariely, AJ Jacobs, Charles Duhigg, Robb Wolf, Hal Elrod, and many more.

Author Platform 101 is action-focused. Its instantly applicable homework assignments and worksheets will help you ensure that every minute you spend learning is a minute you put toward growing your book business. Plus:

  • You can go through the entire program on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone
  • You can download every PDF, spreadsheet and worksheet
  • You’ll get unlimited access to the program – plus updates, upgrades and new content as I add it

Building an Author Platform can be tough. But it’s simple if you have a roadmap.

It’s time to make a decision — are you prepared to do what it takes, and launch a bestseller that will establish your reputation as an author while providing income and stability for you and your family for years to come?

If you’re ready to invest in yourself, and believe in your work, don’t wait for that magical day in the future. Don’t wait for some day when you’ve gotten your book “just right” — that day will never come.

You have the proof that Author Platform 101 works. You’ve seen results from newly bestselling authors in every genre: novelists, business writers, marketers, technical writers, and people just like you.

If you’re not ready now, when will you be? As they say: They best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

The decision is yours to make.

Tim Grahl

PS: If you’re completely lost about how online marketing works – and don’t want to waste time trying to figure all this stuff out – Author Platform 101 is perfect for you. Just imagine watching your subscribers, social media followers and book sales grow right from the moment you start implementing a few easy-to-follow techniques.

Introducing: Author Platform 101

The only proven step-by-step guide based on 10+ years of experience that has helped over 1000 authors build a successful author platform.

The program spans more than 8 hours, diced up into easy-to-consume lessons that you can squeeze in while taking a break from writing.

And it’s enabled the sale of hundreds of thousands of copies of books in every genre, both fiction and nonfiction…

Here’s how it’s going to work.

In 5 chapters, you’ll get the step-by-step lessons you’ll need to build and grow your platform. I’ll walk you through every part of the process. In fact, you’ll learn everything I would do if you hired me to do this work for you. (My client roster is full, but I used to charge $500+ per hour.)

You’ll discover precise and fluff-free strategies, tools and systems that will help you:

  • Establish your fan base — even if you don’t have one already
  • Connect with your fans easily and regularly to build a group of dedicated followers
  • Continually grow your fan base and avoid the ever-looming revenue cliff of death
  • Reliably sell more books month after month, and year after year

Here’s what we’ll cover in more than 40 bite-sized video sessions:

Module 1


Learn how to lay the groundwork for an author platform that will make it easier to connect with (and grow) your audience.


2 min

Where we start…

268 words

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of the Program

186 words

Are you ready?

141 words

What is an Author Platform?

4 min

What is Marketing?

5 min

Systems, Tools, and Blueprints

6 min

Permission / Content / Outreach

5 min

Our Goal

2 min

Module 2

Permission: connecting long-term with readers

I share exactly what you should be doing to build long-lasting relationships with readers.

Why Email (vs social media)?

15 min

Setup your email list

12 min

Your first 3 emails

14 min

Get your first 100-250 subscribers

9 min

Get to 1000 subscribers

10 min

Your next 1000 subscribers

7 min

Your #1 Goal

4 min

Module 3

Content: create stuff people will love

Top-notch content is essential if you want to build an author platform. But creating it often takes a lot of work… unless you know what to do. See how to easily – and consistently – create content your readers will be scrambling to consume, share and comment on.

What is content for?

4 min

The Perfect Author Website

18 min

Watch Me Build a Website

49 min

Example Author Websites

8 min

Share Your Adventure

4 min

Different Content Tools – Pros / Cons: Part 1

17 min

Different Content Tools – Pros / Cons: Part 2

11 min

Combining your content and your email list

12 min

Leveraging Content

5 min

How Content Works

5 min

Module 4

Outreach: Turn strangers into friends

You’ll get a simple-to-follow plan for turning strangers into friends and friends into loyal readers.

What is outreach for?

8 min

Empathy & Attitude

4 min


4 min

Outreach Process

5 min

Personas and Locations

16 min


4 min

The Pitch

15 min

Processing the Response

11 min

Leveraging Outreach

8 min

What to Ask For

12 min

Your #1 Outreach Goal

6 min

Module 5

Pull it together: create a reliable, successful plan

This is where you create a reliable plan – based on everything you’ve learned – that could easily amplify any author’s platform.

System – Start to Finish

13 min

Lost? Start here.

24 min

Litmus Tests

7 min

Go Forth and Conquer

5 min

Module 6



1293 words

Holiday Book Marketing

48 min

How to Create Content with Artificial Intelligence

20 min

Author Platform 101 2.0


Learn how to build an author platform that reliably and predictably sells your books.

Or Buy Now for Three Payments of $117

There’s a glut of author courses promising similar results. But most of them have three major problems:

  1. They’re based on methods that worked for just one author—not hundreds of authors in dozens of different genres like Author Platform 101. Just because one person was successful with a certain method doesn’t mean you will be too.
  2. They’re based on untested “expert theory” instead of real-world experience. The content in Author Platform 101 has been tested in real life over and over again. Plus it has worked for authors with a wide variety of experience levels.
  3. They’re focused on one tactic instead of an start-to-finish methodology. Author Platform 101 is not focused on gaming the Amazon algorithm, tweaking ads, or getting hashtags right. It’s focused on a long term plan that has worked for hundreds of authors over a decade of experience.

So when you enroll in Author Platform 101, you’ll be getting proven advice to help you create an author platform that works—no matter what type of writer you are.

By the time you’re done with this program, you’ll know exactly how to…

  • Use social media, from Facebook to Instagram, to build a platform that sells — we explain our method using case studies and specific tests
  • Multiply your fan base — we show you, step by step, how to find new readers where you never thought to look and connect them to your writing
  • Handle the technology needed for success — we give you both the tools and the direction to easily create an online platform even if tech scares you and your “smart phone” is a brick phone from the 80s

When I built the Author Platform 101 program, I focused on making a system that any author could start implementing immediately…

I broke it down into a step-by-step, easy-to-follow process, so you can jump right in and start benefiting from this method as soon as you sign in.

“When I launched my first book, we focused a lot of attention on publicity, and we got some amazing media (including interviews on national television). But the actual sales of the book didn’t match the popularity of the message. With Tim’s help, I’ve figured out what was missing and and designed a system that will draw attention, and sales, to my next book.”

David Burkus

author of The Myths of Creativity and a contributor to Forbes & Harvard Business Review

“Tim Grahl is fast becoming a legend, almost single-handedly changing the way authors around the world spread ideas and connect with readers.”

Daniel Pink

#1 New York Times bestselling author of To Sell Is Human

“Tim has a proven methodology for launching books to the bestseller lists, and works with traditionally published authors and indies like Hugh Howey. For creatives who need more structure in their launches, Tim’s step-by-step method is super helpful!”

Joanna Penn

 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“Tim knows his stuff — he’s the go-to guy I call EVERY time I’m about the launch a book. Listen to him. You won’t regret it.”

Jeff Goins

Bestselling author of The Art of Work

“I watched in awe this year as Tim Grahl had 5 clients on the New York Times bestseller list in the same week. There is no one I trust more to learn about book marketing.”

Pamela Slim

bestselling author of Body of Work and Escape From Cubicle Nation

“I first met Tim right when I was in the process of launching my book and he gave me some invaluable last minute advice that I believe helped my ‘official’ launch be even more successful. Tim laser focused in on the advanced techniques I could use to leverage my community and fans and ensure my book was a bestseller. I still turn to him now for insights into what’s working for authors and how to continue the momentum I’ve created and that’s invaluable.”

Natalie Sisson

bestselling author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Author Platform 101 Isn’t For Everyone…

I write fiction. Will this work for me?

I’ve worked with a lot of fiction writers, and I can assure you that building an author platform is just as important for you as it is for nonfiction writers.

Imagine if you were directly connected to thousands of your readers, and you knew they were excited about reading your next book, even before you’d penned the first word. That’s what this program can do for you.

I’ve already read your book, should I buy the program too?

My book is the 101 program. This program is the 201 and 301 program.

In each level, I dive deeper into all of the topics, include a lot more examples, and offer worksheets, spreadsheets and homework to help you implement all of the ideas.

I’m not very technical. Will I be able to do everything you teach?

I’ve worked very hard to simplify all of the ideas and offer specific tools on how to build a great platform.

The amazing thing about this day and age is that there are so many easy-to-use digital and online tools, with great support to get everything set up.

Throughout the program, I offer advice on what tools to use and how to use them. You may not implement every single tool, but the vast majority of the technology I recommend is very user-friendly.

Can I get my money back if I’m not happy?

Yes, of course! If you buy the program and it’s not a good fit, just let me know within 30 days, and I’ll give you a full refund.

The only thing I’ll ask is that when you request the refund, you let me know a couple specifics as to why the program wasn’t a good fit for you – I’m always looking to improve the program.

I have a more specific question. Can you answer it?

I sure can. Just email me directly at [email protected] or or click that little “snap chat” button in the lower right-hand corner, and ask away!

And through the whole program you’ll get regular email check-ins from me to make sure you’re moving in the right direction.