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"Tim Grahl is fast becoming a legend, almost single-handedly changing the way authors around the world spread ideas and connect with readers." "I watched in awe this year as Tim Grahl had 5 clients on the New York Times bestseller list in the same week. There is no one I trust more to learn about book marketing."
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October 28th, 2016

How to Automate Your Book Marketing

It’s a magical time we live in, as authors. We have all of these amazing tools and resources at our fingertips, to help us get our message and our books out into the world. Yet it can often be overwhelming to figure out how to use them all, and how they can all work together. In […]

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October 17th, 2016

Email Marketing 101 for Authors

I’ve written at length about the power and importance of authors building an email list. There is no better way to build long-lasting connections with readers, which is the definition of marketing. It easily trumps social media, for building a long-term author platform and for sheer book-selling power. It’s how first-time authors are launching New York […]

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October 11th, 2016

Bestseller Summit 2016
A Recap and Lessons Learned

Last week I hosted the first Bestseller Summit here in Nashville, Tennessee. This was the first time I had put on my own event for my own tribe. It was full of all the stress, emotions, and craziness that you would assume comes with doing that kind of event. But it also had a lot […]

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