Automatic Content: Mastering AI for Author Marketing

The only online program that empowers you with cutting-edge AI tools, transforming your content creation into a swift, efficient process that actively engages and attracts new readers to your author platform.

Creating Content: The Biggest Damn Problem We All Have

As an author, you need a platform – it’s a no-brainer. And for a platform, you need content. Also a no-brainer. This isn’t rocket science.

But creating the content, now that’s where the grind sets in.

Starting a blog, writing articles, all while pouring your heart and soul into your books…it’s draining. And the million-dollar question hangs over your head: what should you write about? Is all this effort even going to bring in the right audience?

You start off with noble intentions – writing weekly, or at least bi-monthly. But when results don’t immediately materialize, it starts to feel like an uphill battle. Gradually, your frequency drops. Then you miss a month. Next thing you know, half a year has passed without a single blog post.‍

Does it matter?‍‍

Perhaps not, until your book is ready for the world.

And then you find yourself standing at the edge of a cliff. No platform, no readers, no email list, no initial interest in your book. The lack of an author platform suddenly comes back to bite, impacting the one thing you truly care about: your book’s success.

Imagine a World Where Creating Content Wasn’t so *Bleeping* Hard

Ever since my book hit the shelves in 2013—has it really been ten years already?—I’ve been reinforcing the same mantra. To build an author platform, you need three things, outreach, content, and permission.


A way to move people from not knowing you exist to knowing you exist.=


Consistently publish new, impactful content that attracts the right readers.


Create a long-term relationships with readers that excites and drives action.

Trust me, this formula works (and works, and works, and works).

How can I be so sure? Because I’ve utilized this very framework with everyone from budding authors to multi-timed New York Times bestselling authors. I’ve worked with genre fiction authors, memoir authors, self-help authors, business book authors, and the list goes on.

Where a Simple Formula Usually Goes Wrong:

Outreach, content, permission. Super simple right? Get more people to know who you are, publish content your readers enjoy, and build a relationship with them provides enjoyment and engagement.

Okay, so why are there so many talented writers that can’t fill the seats in even the smallest arena?

Everyone can name an author, musician, or artist whose work deserves a way larger audience, but for one reason or another, their talent hasn’t translated into any real commercial success. There’s something broken.

Well, here’s what I’ve observed…this formula only works if there’s an equal effort on all three parts. Just like a barstool – it’s sturdy as hell, but if you chop off one leg, it’s completely useless as a barstool. And guess what? Most of the authors I talk to have chopped off the content leg to focus on the other two (bad idea).

My name
is Tim Grahl

I’ve been a book marketing consultant for 13+ years. I’ve put dozens of book on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. I’ve worked 1-on-1 with hundreds of authors and trained thousands of authors.

I’m easily in the top-3 experts on book marketing and launching in the world.

And because I’ve been doing this for so long, I rarely get excited at anything new.

I’ve been around to see the rise and fall of several social media platforms.

I’ve tried all of the advice you hear out there about book marketing and know the vast majority of it is bullshit.

Whenever something else comes along that “every author has to do right now because it’s so shiny and amazing”, I roll my eyes and just wait a little bit until it’s proven to be a flash in the pan.

I judge all tactics and strategies by one very simple measure…

Does it sell books?

If it doesn’t, I throw it out.

If it does, I keep it.

It’s that simple.

So here’s the deal…

Over the last 9 months as many new artificial intelligence services have hit the market, I’ve realized this is a game-changer for authors struggling to create content.

At first I was very skeptical. I wondered if this was another flash in the pan, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

I have been floored by the results.

This is the first thing in years that actually has me excited.

And I’m excited because I know it’s going to help authors do their marketing better than ever!

Since these AI tools have come online, I’ve been learning how to use them to help authors make content.

And not just any content.

Content that will actually bring in new readers and email subscribers (the gold standard in book marketing tools).

I’ve used these tools to bring thousands of new people to my website and converted hundreds of them to subscribers.

I’ve also walked other authors through how to do this, and seen stunning results.

Over the next 6 weeks I want to show you what I’ve figured out.

Your Journey into AI for Authors Starts Here:

I don’t often make big statements, but here’s one: This course will change how you create content forever in just five hours. As an author, diving into AI might feel daunting, but trust me – it’s the smartest move you can make. I’ve designed this course to cut through the noise, simplify AI, and give you an edge over other authors who are yet to tap into its potential. Ready to save time, attract more readers, and give your marketing a serious boost? Let’s dive in.

Module 1

Getting Started

Getting started

6 min

Marketing Basics

23 Min


14 Min

ChatGPT – Introduction

8 Min

Midjourney – Introduction

12 Min

Module 2

Reader Personas

Developing Reader Personas

11 Min

Module 3

Creating Content

Content Types and Brainstorming

43 Min

Identify Content Opportunities

20 Min

Identify Content for Fans

15 Min

Identify Content for Influencers

9 Min

Identify Content for Search Engines

28 Min

Creating Content

6 Min

Creating Content Walkthrough

43 Min

Publish and Publicize

27 Min

Creating Images

27 Min

Organizing Content

6 Min

Emails, Podcasts, and other Content

20 Min

Module 4


What’s Next

10 Min


Automatic Content

If it doesn’t, I throw it out.

If it does, I keep it.

It’s that simple.

This is the only online program that will show you how to use the new artificial intelligence tools to create content quickly and efficiently that will bring in new readers to your author platform.

Over the next 6 weeks, I’m going to teach you:

  • The tools I use (mostly free) to quickly and efficiently create content.
  • How to develop the right content that will bring the right readers to your platform.
  • How to convert those readers to your email list so you can stay in contact with them long term.
  • How to use this content to create outreach opportunities to connect with other authors and influencers.
  • The prompts I use with the AI tools to get exactly what I’m looking for.
  • Plus so much more.

To be clear… this program is not completely built yet.

You are buying into the beta version of the program.

What does this mean?

  1. Each Monday starting May 22, 2023, I will release new lessons for you to go through.
  2. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback on the lessons so I can make sure they are clear and useful.
  3. You get first access to the training and all future updates.
  4. You get this intro pricing for the program… when it’s done and I launch it for the first time, it will cost a lot more.

I’m only opening up 50 spots for this beta version, so make sure you sign up immediately if you’re interested.

I’m excited to have you!

— Tim Grahl

P.S. The first draft of portions of this sales page was written using artificial intelligence. Additionally, I used artificial intelligence to proofread the content, which helped identify over a dozen potential improvements and errors. It cut the time it took to write this way down.

Automatic Content: Mastering AI for Author Marketing


The only online program that empowers you with cutting-edge AI tools, transforming your content creation into a swift, efficient process that actively engages and attracts new readers to your author platform.

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