Meet Book Launch:

Revolutionizing the Road to Bestsellers

Book Launch was Tim’s direct response to the confusing and non-linear “path” to the bestseller list. His approach clarifies what’s important when launching your book and offers all the insider information you need to get your book to the top.

Book Launch Exists To Help Hardworking Authors Like You Realize The Bestselling Success You Deserve

The first time Tim tried to get a book on the top bestsellers lists like the New York Times, he was blown away by how bureaucratic and frustrating the process was. Turns out, your book could be the best on the market but if you don’t know the insider maneuvers necessary for getting noticed, another author who does will take your place. 

Book Launch demystifies these insider maneuvers and makes them accessible to authors like you who deserve recognition from the best. 

Meet Tim Grahl, Founder of Book Launch

For over a decade, Tim Grahl has been a guiding force for authors, dedicating his expertise to launching books into readers’ hands. With a track record of working with over 100 authors, including first-timers and bestsellers, Tim’s prowess is unmatched. 

He’s masterminded numerous New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post bestsellers, even achieving a remarkable feat of having five clients on the NYT Bestseller list simultaneously. A speaker at esteemed events like SXSW, his own book, “Your First 1000 Copies,” was a resounding success. Tim’s mission is clear: to share his wealth of knowledge to elevate your writing journey.

“I first met Tim right when I was in the process of launching my book and he gave me some invaluable last minute advice that I believe helped my ‘official’ launch be even more successful. Tim laser focused in on the advanced techniques I could use to leverage my community and fans and ensure my book was a bestseller. I still turn to him now for insights into what’s working for authors and how to continue the momentum I’ve created and that’s invaluable.”

Natalie Sisson

bestselling author of The Suitcase Entrepreneur

“Tim has a proven methodology for launching books to the bestseller lists, and works with traditionally published authors and indies like Hugh Howey. For creatives who need more structure in their launches, Tim’s step-by-step method is super helpful!”

Joanna Penn

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

“Tim knows his stuff — he’s the go-to guy I call EVERY time I’m about the launch a book. Listen to him. You won’t regret it.”

Jeff Goins

Bestselling author of The Art of Work

“When I launched my first book, we focused a lot of attention on publicity, and we got some amazing media (including interviews on national television). But the actual sales of the book didn’t match the popularity of the message. With Tim’s help, I’ve figured out what was missing and and designed a system that will draw attention, and sales, to my next book.”

David Burkus

author of The Myths of Creativity and a contributor to Forbes & Harvard Business Review

Bestselling Authors

Who Made It

These are just some of the authors and writers who have hit the bestseller list all because we teamed up and they learned what they were missing.

Wool Series

Hugh Howey

To Sell Is Human

Daniel Pink

Body of Work

Pamela Slim

The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg

The Myths of Creativity

David Burkus