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This page is designed to answer the most common questions I receive.

Will you build my website/blog?

Out:think, the firm I founded to help authors build their platform, is currently accepting new clients. You can contact them here.

Will you help me launch my book?

I select an extremely limited number of book launches to work on each year. When I work on a book launch I will manage the whole campaign including strategy, planning, organization, design and development. I require well established platforms to ensure success on both of our parts.

I am currently booked for the next year.


I’m available for speaking events in 2016. You can see my recent presentation at the 2015 Tribe Conference by clicking here. If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, email me at


I’m currently available for 1-hour coaching calls. If you’d like help planning your next launch or feedback on your marketing plan, you can schedule a 1-hour consulting call by clicking here.

Feedback on your book, website, strategy, etc

As much as I would like to help every author individually, I’m not available to give personalized coaching or feedback to writers that are not current or past clients.

I highly recommend these two resources:

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If you still need to contact me directly, you can email me here.