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Welcome back to The Book Launch Show. Today on the podcast, Valerie continues part two of her interview with Mark Leslie Lefebvre, author, professional speaker, bookseller and Director of Business Development at Draft2Digital. Previously, Mark was the Director of Publishing and Author Relations for Kobo and the driving force behind the creation of Kobo Writing Life, and his experience there was the inspiration for his book, Killing it On Kobo. Founded in 2009, Kobo is one of the world’s fastest-growing eReading services, and offers more than 5 million eBooks and magazines to millions of users worldwide. In part one of the conversation, we talked about marketing strategies, libraries, merchandising indie booksellers and more. In today’s episode we carry on our conversation and Mark unpacks how useful Kobo can be for reaching markets outside of the US and beyond Amazon’s reach before getting into pricing, genre differences, digital versus print and appealing to different kinds of readers. He also gives some great hints for getting the attention of booksellers and some ways to maximize profits on Kobo. For all this and much more helpful info, be sure to join us!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How to catch the attention of merchandising on Kobo.
  • The importance of inclusivity when pitching.
  • Using Books 2 Read as a great way to link your platforms. 
  • Box sets, increasing your SEO and pricing options. 
  • How Kobo makes money on bestsellers and larger unit collections.  
  • Price sensitivity and considering markets in different locations. 
  • Print versus e-books and differences across genres. 
  • The value of pre-sales and upping your ranking through these. 
  • What the book sellers at Kobo are looking for.
  • Is there such thing as a stale book for sellers?
  • And much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Tim Grahl — https://booklaunch.com/ 

Tim on Twitter — https://twitter.com/timgrahl

Valerie Francis — https://valeriefrancis.ca/ 

Valerie on Twitter — https://twitter.com/valerie_francis 

Running Down a Dream — https://www.amazon.com/Running-Down-Dream-Winning-Creative/dp/1936891557

Mark Leslie Lefebvre — http://markleslie.ca/ 

Mark on Twitter — https://twitter.com/MarkLeslie 

Kobo — https://www.kobo.com 

Killing It On Kobohttps://www.kobo.com/ca/en/ebook/killing-it-on-kobo 

Draft2Digital — https://www.draft2digital.com/ 

Books 2 Read — https://books2read.com/

Macabre Montreal https://www.amazon.com/Macabre-Montreal-Ghostly-Ghastly-Gruesome/dp/1459742583

Shayna Krishnasamy — https://www.shaynakrishnasamy.com/

Evasion https://www.amazon.com/Evasion-Desmond-Files-Mark-Leslie/dp/0973568852

Lauren Royal — https://www.laurenroyal.com/3.0/

Nathan Maharaj — https://ca.linkedin.com/in/nathanmaharaj

Ridley Scott — https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000631/


Stephen King — https://www.stephenking.com/

Lindsay Buroker — http://lindsayburoker.com/

Tim Grahl
Tim Grahl
Tim Grahl is the author of Your First 1000 Copies and the founder of BookLaunch.com. He has worked with authors for a decade to help them build their platform, connect with readers, and sell more books. He has worked 1-on-1 with over a hundred authors including Daniel Pink, Hugh Howey, Barbara Corcoran, Chip and Dan Heath, Sally Hogshead and many others. He has also launched dozens of New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post bestsellers.
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