16 Principles for Building and Leading a Tribe

We have put together a new PDF for you to download. The title is 16 Principles for Building and Leading a Tribe and was heavily inspired by Seth Godin’s Tribes.

My goal was to take the ideas presented in his amazing book and distill them down into a few easily consumable principles that will be a great reminder of what your roll is as a leader.

You can download it by clicking the picture below or signup for our newsletter to have it and many more PDFs and case studies delivered directly to your inbox.

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  1. seth godin Avatar

    thanks for doing this Tim!

  2. Gil Creque Avatar

    I filled out the form and was told I would receive a verification email. I never received it (checked spam as well) and followed the instructions to fill out the form again. This time I was told I had to wait 12 hours to resubmit.

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