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If you’re a writer, my guess is that you didn’t get into this craft to get rich quick.  We all know there’s much easier ways to make money than by selling words on a page.  My guess is you got into it for the love of writing.  For the idea that you can take somebody to a far off place and show them a world they’ve never seen before.  Or maybe you’re writing to change people’s minds.  You want them to see something in a unique and interesting way.  Or maybe you just want to make somebody laugh.

Whatever the motivation, you got into writing to make the world a better place.  Even if it’s merely bringing a bit of joy to someone’s life before they fall asleep at night, your writing is there to help people.  Sure, there are writers out there that have created some sort of system that allows them to throw some words on a page (or pay someone else to do it for them) and easily turn a buck, but I don’t think that’s you.

You’re someone that that is writing to make the world a better place and I applaud you for that.  You’ve definitely made my life better.

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