How authors can connect with new readers on gives you a ton of options for connecting with readers through your author page, however there is often confusion around the best way to do it.

Today, I’ll clear up that confusion.

First, let’s ask the question I’ve heard from several authors…

What’s the point?  How does filling out your author page help sell more books?

The #1 goal of your Amazon author page isn’t to directly sell books, it’s to connect with the reader.

After the reader visits your author page, you want them following you on Twitter, subscribed to your blog or showing up to your next event.  Amazon is by far the #1 bookseller online and people go there first to find new books.  By filling out your author page completely, it gives you a chance to connect with current and future readers so you can stay in contact long term.

Amazon is a huge store front and they give you space to sell your wares.  Do you leave your space empty and boring or make it a book-selling machine?

Here are a few ideas to amp up your Amazon author page:

  • Bio – Don’t talk about where you went to college or how much you love your dog.  Instead, introduce the kind of writing you do and how they can learn more about it.  Keep it short and have a call to action.
  • Twitter/Blog – Pull in your Twitter and Blog posts so people can easily click to connect with you.
  • Videos – Don’t just put up any video you have, use this as another opportunity for readers to see, hear and connect with you.  Give a call to action here as well.
  • Book Tour – If you’re going through the time and expense of a book tour, take the extra step and add these to your author page so readers know about the event.  It’s already built into Author Central.

Again, the goal is to use your Amazon author page to connect with your reader so you can continue to sell books to them long into the future.  Make sure you’re using all of the tools Amazon gives you to do it!

Tim Grahl
Tim Grahl
Tim Grahl is the author of Your First 1000 Copies and the founder of He has worked with authors for a decade to help them build their platform, connect with readers, and sell more books. He has worked 1-on-1 with over a hundred authors including Daniel Pink, Hugh Howey, Barbara Corcoran, Chip and Dan Heath, Sally Hogshead and many others. He has also launched dozens of New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post bestsellers.
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