How many people should read your book?

You ask any author that is working on a new project about how many people they want to read their book.  The answer is somewhere near “everyone”.  Millions of people should read your book because, as we’ve already discussed, you’re trying to make their life better.  The more people that gets their hands on your manuscript and reads it, the better off this planet will be.  We’ll have people that are happier, more informed and entertained.

But where does this idea go when it comes time to sell your book?  You truly believe that the more people that read your book, the better off they’ll be, yet you aren’t willing to take that step and tell them to pick up a copy and five more for their friends.

If I was laying on a bed ill and hurting and you were sitting there beside me trying to comfort me and had a bottle of pills that would cure my illness but, since you were the one that happened to create those pills felt like it was just too self-fulfilling to try to give them to me, what kind of a friend and comforter would that make you?

True, writing (usually) is not a cure for the sick, but do you see my point?  If you have something that will truly make people’s lives better but decide against getting it into as many hands as possible, how does that help this world?

Your book is something wonderful and good, so let’s see how many people we can get to read it.

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