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Welcome back to The Book Launch Show. Today on the podcast we’re diving back in with Valerie and we talk a lot about the idea of personas. We are describing what those are and how you should interact with them. However, as we’ve worked with authors over the years we’ve found that there are all these places where people get stuck! If you have gone through the extraordinary process of writing a book and putting it out into the world you’re somebody thats willing to work, to put the time in and get things done. Most of the time when author get stuck on marketing it’s not that they don’t know what to do, they just don’t know what to do next and it’s because the question is just too big. We’re here to take all those marketing tactics and ways to do it and we’re forcing it down and helping you look at something so you know what the next step is. We’re narrowing down those choices to make it much easier to see the next thing you should be doing. For all this and much more helpful info, be sure to join us!

  • The process of developing a tagline for books.
  • How to identify your ideal reader.
  • Personas – who are you writing for/talking to.
  • Several different personas you can talk to.
  • Keeping your personas different and having a clear picture of them.
  • Developing a marketing idea around your personas.
  • Having empathy as an author – how to make others lives better.
  • Who is your persona and what could you create to add something to their life.
  • Needing ideas? ASK – Ask people you are already connected to.
  • When to use and not use your email list.
  • Figure out what questions need to be asked your personas.
  • And much more!

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