The Rookie Move Every Author Makes When Marketing Their Book

It pains me when authors, very smart people, who have dedicated thousands of hours to their craft, their book and their message, focus on all the wrong things when it comes to actually selling their book.

I see this every day.

When I’m working with authors and they immediately start asking questions like: “Tim, how do I setup my Facebook page the right way? What are the best times of day to post on Twitter?”

Because after they ask that, I’m cringing.

Facebook and Twitter are simply not going to sell your books. Time and time again, I have authors who go all in on making sure their profile picture is right and they are sending out the most relevant tweets.

This is not going to sell books.

What I have seen succeed over and over is that authors who create an email list, people who have given their email to join the author in the journey, succeed.

When someone is opting in for your email list, they want to know about you. It’s a wonderful one way connection where you can inform your reader: where you are in writing your book, what book is next, when your book comes out, a character study, etc.

You start collecting the emails of your fans and then they are the ones who are excited to buy your next book.

By setting up a place on your website where you collect emails in exchange for something, you gain someone who is interested in your work. It’s highly intentional, direct and lacking the distraction of the cutest cat video.

Start today building an email list so that you can create a list of fans instead of battling a cacophony of noise.

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